The association Pour l’Instant has developed out of the passion of a dozen or so lovers of photography, whether practitioners or not. Organised around a president and an artistic director, both founding members, the association is now made up of a loyal core of people who work for its development, notably through their unfailing dedication to the success of the Encounters of Young International Photography.

The voluntary members of the Concil of Administration, without whom all would be different:
Sylviane Van de Moortele: Founder member and President, 
Consultant in cultural tourism
Jean-Charles Oudinet: Treasurer from the very beginning, Stage Manager for the Town of Niort
Xavier Ribot: Indispensable and rigorous secretary, Teacher of Fine Arts
Joël Girardin: Professional of photography in retirement, but not in retreat
Philippe Le Besconte: Pre-press colour specialist in the communication department of a major company
Mario Théberge: Craftsman of all that melts in the mouth, in charge of activities for amateurs
Marie-France Pougnard: Young retired expert of public accountancy
Yves Menetrier: Head of department for our well-being at the hospital of Niort, the balanced view of the non-shrinking analyst
Annabelle Muñoz: Artist photographer, between South America and Brittany

The paid team:
Patrick Delat: Founding member and artistic director
Jean-Luc Fouet: Cultural mediator, graduate in Fine Arts from Poitiers and Rennes
Thierry Mathé: Artist, teacher, occasional mediator

The loyal members of the technical staff:
Charlie Jouvet: Professional photographer living in Berlin, in charge of production during the Encounters and at our sides for almost 15 years
Michel Paradinas: Black-and-white printer and layout artist
Paul Muse: France-based subject of Her Majesty, unusable (sic) translator
Miriam Ruisseau: Our Spanish correspondant
François Guyonnet: aka Fafa, head of catering